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[Original][15_minute_fic][Temporary Insanity]

Title: Temporary Insanity
Prompt: [ profile] 15_minute_fic Word #50
Rating: PG
Word Count: 119
A/N: A strange, abstract little drabble that is unedited.

One moment, she was alright. The next moment, she wasn't

Her skin felt tight. Too tight. Her hands clenched into fists, her knuckles turning white as she resisted the urge to try and claw her way out of her skin.

She couldn't see, her vision blurring into darkness. She couldn't hear. The roaring in her ears was too loud.

She couldn't breathe. It was rising up and choking her, suffocating her, killing her.

The next moment, it was over.

She blinked and looked around. She felt comfortable in her skin. Could see the vibrant colors around her. Hear the sounds of the world once more. Breathe in deeply and let out the air in a laugh.

Everything was fine.